Capturing a truth. Stealing a moment. Finding fascination in something ordinary. Turning a split second expression into a lasting impression. And creating still images that move people.

As Perth’s leading photographic studio, Illustrations sets the standard for creativity and professionalism. We create exceptional images for advertising, fashion, food, corporate, portraiture and architecture.

We’re known for our technical problem-solving but we pride ourselves on our relationships with our loyal clients and providing unparalleled service through our award-winning photographers, in-house digital retouching and our commercial printing department.

Illustrations is the oldest continuously-running photographic company in Australia. Founded in 1924, Noel Holly bought the business in the seventies and changed the face of commercial photography in the region. We then opened a new chapter in our 90-year history by creating a new studio on Fitzgerald Street, West Perth, in 2013. The state-of-the art new facility includes a large studio space, a dedicated product studio and a full commercial kitchen for food photography.

We look forward to collaborating with you on your next project.